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5 Killer Methods For Reheating Pulled Pork

By this point you are a grilling master, you’ve learned the exact way how to make your smoker produce the most wonderful tasting pork butt, but what if you are reheating pulled pork? We have seen a large number of people smoke a pork loin for anywhere between 3 to …

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How to Cut Tri Tip Steak Easily With This Method

What’s the best type of steak we hear you ask? Well it’s the tri tip steak of course, it’s tasty and comes from the toughest muscle in the cow. But, it sure does have the best flavor of any meat from the animal. You’re here to learn how to cut …

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How To Grill Eye Of Round Steak

How To Grill Eye Of Round Steak If you are inviting some of your friends to your home for a meet up, you must be looking forward to impress them with food. That’s where you should learn how to grill eye of round steak. The process of grilling eye of …

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How To Thicken Up BBQ Sauce

When it comes to thicken BBQ sauce, it is one of the most renowned cooking sauces currently used today. Which I think is strongly down to the great taste it has. It adds a certain kick to any meat, vegetables and even soups! There are a number of different flavors …

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